Medical Marketing Consulting

The world is getting smaller – and more competitive in terms of how to get more new patients. Whole generations of people never read a newspaper, listen to the radio, use the yellow pages, watch TV ads – moreover, rarely see traditional business advertising targeted to get more new patients!

So how does a private medical or dental practice reach these increasingly hard-to-reach consumers and get more new patients?

They must and can be reached…on the Internet.

But the key to reaching a customer on the Internet is – v-i-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y – visibility wherever the new patients are searching for the services you offer so you too can get more new patients.

So how do you get visible on the Internet and stay visible considering that your competition, or at least the savvy competition, is trying to do the same thing.

That’s where the medical SEO and Internet marketing experts at Get New Patients come in.

If you and/or your staff lack the expertise or the time to really understand how to market your products or services on the Internet to get more new patients, then the experts at Get New Patients can help.

We will conduct an audit of your practice and your market for a one-time fee or even set up an ongoing competitive tracking service for you so you can stay on top of your competition by knowing competitive intelligence such as:

What is the competition promoting on their respective websites each month?
What kind of search engine and/or Adwords traffic are they generating?
What keywords are they ranking for?
What keywords are they using for advertising
What products and services are they offering each month?
What special promotions are they offering?
How are they ranking for your top keywords by geographic area?

Of course, the other side of new patient growth is scheduling appointments, follow-up and patient retention. Need an audit of these functions to ensure that you’re keeping every patient possible you bring in the door? Get New Patients will conduct a custom audit of your operations to research and review your processes and determine where your staff may need additional training or process improvement.

If you can use outsourced expert marketing consulting support in these areas in order to get more new patients, contact our Get New Patients service today at (512) 342-8060 or contact us to request a free initial consultation on how to get more new patients.

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