What I need you to decide is A) do you want to keep all of the Feature/Ad sections and B) what do you want to put in them? We’ll start with the Home Page


For the design to work, sections 1 and 3 have to be there. 2 and 4 are optional. Ideally, these sections would be changed out fairly often. However, that requires choosing a promotion, creating the graphic, and installing it. We can do the installation as part of your maintenance agreement but the rest is up to you. You’ve got to consider if you’ve got the time and staff to stay on top of this. If not, you’ll probably be better eliminating the extra sections and going with more long-term promotions. Also, the same promotion can be used on multiple pages. 

Let’s go to the shop page. 



Here, you’ll need to keep both sections. 

Next page is Visit:

Section 1 must stay. Section 2 is optional.

So, what I need from you looks something like this:

Home Page –

1. D&D Starter Set – Keep as is.

2. Delete

3. Change to Sunday Game Day. We’ll supply new graphic.

4. Change to Toys Promotion. We’ll supply new graphic and link.

Shop Page –

1. Keep as is.

2. Change to the same Sunday Game Day section used on the Home page.

Visit Page –

1. Move the Gabby’s Grub and Go Promo here.

2. Delete.

Just add this in the comment section at the bottom of the  “Decide on Feature Areas for Launch” task. That’s it. Once I get your answers, I will forward over more detailed instructions for graphics, etc. If you still have questions and want to book a call, click here to schedule a Zoom with me.


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