Social Media & Reputation Management

Daily time spent on social media networks is growing wildly. As any good medical or dental practice knows, personal recommendations are the most powerful form of advertising and social media networks are the new platform for personal recommendations.

But with health privacy laws and related legal issues, how can a medical or dental practice
profitably (remember – we’re thinking like you) engage with their patients or patient prospects
through social media in a way that makes sense – and profit? (that word again)

That’s where the social media experts at Gigtime Media come in. We can conduct a “Social Media Marketing Audit” to examine your practice and develop a “go/no go” evaluation and recommendation.

If it does make sense, we’ll suggest some best practices for implementation by your staff or our staff.

If it doesn’t make sense, then we’ll explain why not now and under what conditions it may make sense in the future.

Reputation Management

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